If you teach at a school, Tunelark is free for you

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Zero-Risk Trial

Assign content from our library
of 150+ curriculum-aligned
educational games to save time
and accomplish more with your
students. Review student
progress any time.

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Unlimited rematches

Give students a fun and efficient
way to develop foundational
music skills like note reading,
music theory, ear
training, and more.

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Great for families

Our games adapt automatically
to each student’s level and
learning style. Each game is
crafted by a team of music teachers,
designers, and programmers.

pch 1 built for students ages 9

Built for students of all levels

Tunelark is ideal for choirs, bands, orchestras, and
general music classes. Help your students improve
foundational skills without cutting into concert prep

pch 2 note reading

Every student can master note reading

Students learn to read notes in treble, bass, or alto clef via a
dynamic game that adapts to their level as they learn. The game
supports both microphone and MIDI input, so students can play
with their acoustic or digital instrument. They can also play on any
device with no instrument required.

pch 3 chord recognition product shot

Differentiated instruction in ear
training & music theory

Teaching ear training and music theory is tough when
students start out at different levels and you have to
make time for concert prep. Tunelark helps you teach
every student at their own pace without cutting into
rehearsal time.

pch 4 assignments product shot

Assign games and see results

Invite as many students as you want. Assign games and
track students’ progress and skill gaps as each student
learns at their optimal pace.

pch 5 hella devices

Students can play on any device

Our website is mobile- and tablet-optimized, so
students can sign in on any device or browser to play.

Help students learn music at their own pace.

Free for school music teachers

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