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Why Tunelark?

Graphic representing Tunelark's commitment to an excellent trial lesson experience or your money back.

50%-off trial lessons

Not the right match? Get a full refund & choose someone else

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Unlimited rematches

Find just the right instructor
for you or your child

Graphic representing how Tunelark is an ideal fit for busy families looking to partner with a trusted, expert teacher who can provide high-quality virtual 1-on-1 lessons geared toward any age and skill level.

Great for families

Vetted, expert instructors for all ages and skill levels

Graphic representing how Tunelark lessons come with free access to 150+ educational games teaching skills ranging from music theory to note reading to ear training.

Gamified learning

Access 150+ educational games, used by thousands of school teachers

Graphic representing how Tunelark lessons can fit most budgets with options starting at $39 per month for high-quality 1-on-1 music training.


Lesson rates start at $39

Graphic representing how Tunelark's community of 200+ instructors teach 45+ instruments and musical skills enabling students to learn anything they set their mind to.

Any instrument

Plus music theory, composition, songwriting, and more