Teach with Tunelark

Tunelark offers music educators freedom, flexibility,
logistical support, and unparalleled access to new students.


Why instructors love working with us



Tunelark lessons are conducted online, meaning you can live anywhere in the world that has a strong internet connection.


Make money doing
what you love

Tunelark handles all the logistics so that you can simply show up, share your passion for music, and get paid. We’ll help you every step of the way.


Deep connections
with students

Many of the instructors in our community have been working with their students for years. Build lasting, positive connections that span cultures and countries.


Our matching

Our process helps ensure students select you based on how you present yourself in your profile, leading to great matches with students who are excited to learn with you.

I just wanted to say thank you for all you do and for helping me grow my violin studio. I have a goal of having fifty students in my studio, and with your help, I feel that it is attainable. I appreciate all the effort and work that you put into this, and sincerely appreciate how wonderful it is to work with all of you.

Daria H.

Violin instructor

How it works

A simple application

A simple application


We look forward to getting to know you through your application, and you’ll hear back within three weeks.

A smooth onboarding


The next step is a 30-minute Zoom interview. If it’s a good fit, we’ll get you certified as a Tunelark instructor (which takes about an hour). We strive to make the onboarding process smooth and frictionless.

A smooth onboarding
Start teaching

Start teaching!


A great learning experience is founded on a strong teacher-student relationship. We help you connect with students who are a good fit for your studio. We've also made it easy to use Tunelark with your existing students, and we provide tools to help you promote your studio.

We manage the logistics


We handle the business and operational side of running your online music studio so you can focus on teaching. We provide a full-fledged music studio in a box — a turnkey solution to power your online studio.

We manage the logistics
Bring students & meet new ones

Bring students & meet new ones


In addition to gaining new students through Tunelark, you can also invite your current students and promote your Tunelark profile to find new students and make it easy for them to book a trial lesson. When a student signs up through your promo link, our fee is lower to reflect the investment you made in finding them.